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Green life medical Centre are providing authentic Ayurvedic Treatments.Ayurveda is an ancient and traditional system of medicine, which is originated in India and accepted all over the world. Ayurveda, not only treat the symptoms of illness, but the vect cause as well. The basis of Ayurvedic Treatment System depends on the nature, the climate as well as the natural resources like herbs, shrubs, roots, compound of certain minerals and metals. The Ayurveda concept of physical health resolves round 3 energy concepts-Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These are the physiological vital forces in the body. When the three factors are well harmonized and function in a balanced ........., it results in the well being of the individual. When there is inbalance or disharmony within or between them, it will outcome as various kind of ailments. Our dedicated, qualified and experienced team is committed to assist you with your health problem at your ease. We have spacious, hygeinic, separate treatment sections for male and females

Ayurveda Panchakarama on traditional Treatment

The body contains millions of cells and they have their own metabolism. Every metabolism will produce something good and leave behind something bad (toxins). That’s the concept of Ayurveda. Body is like an automobile. When there is combustion and the vehicle runs, lot of energy is created to propel the vehicle forward. Along with that lot of carbon and waste are also left behind. This is removed by regular service otherwise the performance of the vehicle is affected. Likewise the body also needs regular cleansing to keep it healthy.

Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programme

We manage to clean the body externally by way of bath etc. but we are not able to clean it internally. Inside our body, numerous functions are continuously performed. The metabolism which is going on at the level of each and every cell in the body generates waste products which get accumulated in the various systems, tissues and organs.

Stress Management

Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. Stress can affect how you feel, think, behave and how your body works. In fact, stress can create a variety of symptoms including anxiety, fatigue, eating disorders, depression, headaches, difficulty concentrating and increased anger and relationship troubles. Stress is not an illness in itself, but it can cause serious illness if it is not addressed.


Obesity or being overweight is a condition characterized by excessive storage of fat in the body. When the body’s calorie intake exceeds the amount of calories burned, it leads to the storage of excess calories in the form of body fat. In Ayurveda, obesity is known as Medarog, which is caused by the aggravation of Kapha. Kapha is an Ayurvedic humor which is dense, heavy, slow, sticky, wet and cold in nature.

Wellness Programme

Due to its cleansing properties, it is especially advised during seasonal changes to improve digestion, metabolic process and remove impurities from the body.A fast-paced lifestyle and the ceaseless stress it brings often leave us exhausted.

Dermatologial Problem

Diseases of the skin account for a great deal of miseries, suffering, incapacity, and economic loss. Beside this, person suffering from skin disease suffer from social stigma. Ayurveda has its own unique principles of diagnosis and treatment of various skin diseases under the head of Kuṣṭha.

Anti aging Programme

This process ensures prolonged lifespan, youthfulness, good health, fine complexion, stoutness, intellect, power of retention and strength. The 28 day package process includes body massages with special oils and herbal juices, naranmgakizhi etc.

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